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Do you need a unique filming location for your movie site or your commercial shoot? Do you need a wide variety of historical periods or building and land types in your location searches? Do you need easy access to a listing of potential locations? Kent County, Maryland can provide a solution to all of these needs.

Kent County has hundreds of potential sites ranging from Colonial era homes to modern mansions on the bay. We have over 250 miles of spectacular shoreline and thousands of acres of woodlands, marshlands, and rural settings. We have small towns with quaint parks and town squares. Kent County, Maryland understands the importance of having readily available location alternatives to streamline your site selection process. That is why Kent County has undertaken to establish and continually update an inventory of potential film industry locations within the County.

Not only do we have a great inventory but filming has already begun. In August 2008 John Webster and No Wake Production filmed a pilot entitled "The Rock Hall Excursion". Filming took four days and included local marinas, restaurants and the water tower. The hustle, bustle and energy surrounding the film crew were very exciting. The producer, Miranda Kwok, was very pleased with the cooperation provided by the supportive residents of Rock Hall and local government. Kent County would like to thank the Mayor and citizens of Rock Hall for all their hard work, cooperation and patience.

"High Beams", a tale from Alvin Schwartz's classic collection, "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" was also filmed here in August 2008. Under the watchful eye of Director Chris Bentley, the cast and crew spent four nights filming this short story. Writer/Producer Lyle Pinder would like to do more filming in Kent County, noting the great locations and helpfulness of the local people and governments.

A complete listing of the current inventory is available for viewing by clicking on the appropriate categories listed below. If you find a location which appears to serve your needs, please contact Ms. Bernadette Bowman, Director, Kent County Tourism Development, at 410-810-2830 or email
. There is no cost for this valuable service.

To view properties available for movie use select a category from the list below.

Agricultural Buildings
City and Towns
Commercial and Retail Buildings
Driveways and Lanes
Homes - Historical
Homes - Modern
Homes - Unique
Homes - Victorian
Industrial Buildings
Institutional Sites
Natural Terrain
Parks and Recreational
Public Government and Municipal Structures
Water and Coastal Locations
Abandoned Buildings
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