County Commissioners - Public Hearings

PUBLIC HEARING - January 8, 2013



A public hearing was held today 7:07 p.m. for Code Home Rule Bill Number 5-2012, which is AN ACT to repeal Chapter 36 (Human Relations Commission) of the Code of Public Local Laws of Kent County, Maryland, to dissolve the Human Relations Commission and provisions governing its operation.

County Commissioners, Ronald H. Fithian, William W. Pickrum, and William A. Short were in attendance as well as Ernest A. Crofoot, County Administrator and County Attorney.

Commissioner Fithian read the Notice of Public Hearing into the record.

Commissioner Fithian stated that no individuals signed the testimony log to testify for or against the proposed legislation.

Mr. Crofoot explained the legislation addressed the elimination of a Commission that was inactive and outdated.

On motion by Commissioner Fithian and seconded by Commissioner Short, the Commissioners unanimously approved conclude the public hearing.

The hearing concluded at 7:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sondra M. Blackiston, Clerk

Ronald H. Fithian, President
The County Commissioners
Of Kent County, Maryland

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