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Board of License Commissioners

April 23, 2002

The Honorable Board of License Commissioners met today with the following present: Larry B. Beck, W. Michael Newnam, and Ronald H. Fithian, presiding.


The Commissioners approved a one day only Special Class C Beer license for the Kent County Community Marching Band to hold a fund raising event on April 27 at Chesapeake Bank and Trust Company, Chestertown.


Mauritz Stetson, Alcoholic Beverage Inspector, appeared and reviewed sixteen renewal applications.

Mr. Stetson noted that one renewal application, La Routa Restaurant, was not received by the licensee and delineated the circumstances under which the application was not delivered. He advised it would be forthcoming. At the recommendation of Mr. Stetson, a motion was made by Commissioner Newnam, seconded by Commissioner Beck and made unanimous by Commissioner Fithian to approve the renewal applications, as presented. Later in the day, Mr. Stetson advised the renewals were received and in order and were approved by the Commissioners.

Mr. Stetson advised that in the future, all Class B licensees would be required to provide data relating to percentage of food sales and alcoholic beverage sales with the renewal application.


Mr. Stetson advised that the Mason's Ribs have not met the Class B Restaurant Alcoholic Beverage License requirement, of 60% food sales / 40% alcoholic beverage sales. He reported that in the past nine months Mason's Ribs has averaged 46% in food sales. Mr. Stetson also advised that the trend appears to be declining food sales and inquired as to consideration be given to downgrade the license to Class D Tavern/Bar.

Mr. Carl Eugene Aylor, licensee, appeared to advise that the new location for his establishment was formerly a bar and he is trying to promote the sale of food, however, he realizes that it may take additional time to reverse the trend. He also noted of several catering jobs scheduled for the future and lamented the idea of catering without providing alcoholic beverages which would be reduce anticipated revenue. Mr. Aylor also remarked of the potential loss of sales on Sundays should his license be downgraded to a Class D. He requested further opportunity to meet the requirements. A motion was made by Commissioner Newnam, seconded by Commissioner Beck and made unanimous by Commissioner Fithian to renew the alcoholic beverage license as a Class B and re-evaluate the food/sales figures in six months.

There being no further business to claim their attention, the Board adjourned to meet again on Tuesday, April 30, 2002.


Please contact Joyce Laskey or Janice Fletcher at (410) 778-7435 or by e-mail with any questions or comments.



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