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Board of License Commissioners

December 31, 2002

The Honorable Board of County Commissioners met today with the following present: Roy W. Crow, Scott D. Livie, and William W. Pickrum, presiding.

Mauritz Stetson, Alcoholic Beverage Inspector, appeared to discuss the following issues:


In response to a report dated December 10 received from the Alcoholic Beverage Inspector relating to an alleged violation of the alcoholic beverage laws (retail dealer purchasing an alcoholic beverage from other than a duly licensed manufacturer, wholesaler, or at a private bulk sale permit, Article 2B, Section 12 -107 of the Annotated Code of Maryland, an administrative hearing was held at 9:30 a.m. Ernest S. Cookerly, Esq., representing the County, was in attendance as well as witnesses summoned, Kathleen Moore, Prince Theatre employee, and Ronald Kerns licensee, Prince Theatre.

Messrs. Kerns and Stetson and Ms. Moore were sworn in by Mr. Cookerly for giving testimony.

Commissioner Pickrum read the letter dated December 13 directed to the licensee as to alleged violation. Mr. Stetson advised that the violation would not cause any serious problems, however, it was in violation of State law and presented bookkeeping inconsistencies for the Comptroller's Office. Mr. Stetson advise that C'Town Liquors licensee notified him that she believed an error took place in that their retail operation sold alcoholic beverages to another retail operation, Prince Theatre. Mr. Stetson advised that Ms. Moore admitted making the purchase from C'Town Liquors and was unaware that she could only purchase alcoholic beverages from a wholesale supplier. Ms. Moore provided Mr. Stetson with copy of purchase receipt. Mr. Kerns testified that Mr. Stetson's report was correct and gave assurance that the incident would not be repeated. Mr. Stetson stated Mr. Kerns had taken the Alcohol Awareness Class, however, Ms. Moore had not and provided her with schedule for the next class.

Commissioner Livie stated that Prince Theatre was an asset to the County and recommended lenient action be taken. A motion was made by Commissioner Crow, seconded by Commissioner Livie, and made unanimous by Commissioner Pickrum to suspend the alcoholic beverage license for three (3) days, all of which to be suspended.

This hearing was taped for reference and was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

There being no further business to claim their attention, the Board adjourned to meet again on Tuesday, January 7, 2003.

Please contact Joyce Laskey or Janice Fletcher at (410) 778-7435 or by e-mail with any questions or comments.



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