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This Maryland State facility is maintained and managed through a cooperative effort of the Department of Natural Resource State Forest and Park Service and the Kent County Department of Parks and Recreation.

What's There?

This natural resource management area consists of 1000 acres of varied terrain, including farmland, mature forests, sandy beaches, marshlands and tidal ponds.



Picture of a Raccoon
Picture of a Chipmunk

© Heather R. Davidson

© Heather R. Davidson

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The area abounds with a variety of wildlife including deer, beaver, muskrat, raccoon, squirrel, woodchuck and chipmunk. Birding enthusiasts will enjoy the variety found at the Sassafras River. Not only are geese and ducks plentiful, there are also many species of song birds. The Sassafras River area is also a nesting site for our national bird: the Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle

© Heather R. Davidson

This facility adjoins the Turner's Creek Park, which has a picnic pavilion, a farm museum, Knocks Folly historic site, an historic tree grove, and a granary dating back to the Revolutionary War days.

The Sassafras River N.R.M.A. was formerly known as Bloomfield Farm. Bloomfield was once part of a large concern, the Lincoln Land and Cattle Company, which operated farms in several counties of the Eastern Shore and in several western states. This particular farm was used to raise cattle, as is evident from some of the ruins found on the property.

As is true of all the parks in the county, these facilities are available to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or physical or mental disability.

How to Get There?

It is located approximately 12 miles north of Chestertown on Turners Creek Road.

  • From Chestertown go north 8.3 miles on 213 to Kennedyville. Turn left onto 448 (Turner's Creek Road) and go about 2.6 miles to a dirt road. The park is on the left.

  • From Galena go south 5.8 miles on 213 until it intersects with 298. Turn right on 298 for 1.3 miles until it intersects with 448. Turn right on 448 and go about a half mile past Bloomfield Road. The park is on the left.
    Map of northern Kent County, MD

What are the Regulations?

  • The Sassafras River N.R.M.A. is open to the public from 8 AM to sunset.

  • Access is limited to foot, horse or bicycle travel.

  • There is limited parking at the entrance.

  • You are welcome to explore the area and picnic along the scenic shoreline.

  • There are several old structures throughout the area and we asks that you stay away from them for your own safety.

  • There are high cliffs in the western sections of the area. Please stay off these cliffs as they are unstable and could collapse under weight.

  • In an effort to keep the nesting Bald Eagle pair within the area, we ask that you not disturb the nest site.

  • Hunting, trapping and weapons are not permitted on the N.R.M.A. without permission from the State Forest and Park Service.

  • This park is "Trash Free". In an effort to reduce waste, the staff encourages you to recycle.

Need More Information?

For more information on this facility, please contact:

  • Tuckahoe State Park
    13070 Crouse Mill Road
    Queen Anne, MD 21657
    (410) 820-1668


  • Kent County Parks and Recreation
    P.O. Box 67
    Worton, MD 21678
    (410) 778-1948

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