Kent County Recreation: Paddling

Betterton to Tolchester Beach

Paddle Kent County - Betterton to Tolchester Beach
The northern coast of Kent County offers some fine opportunities for in-shore paddling.  Additionally, between Betterton at the mouth of the Sassafras River and Tolchester Beach there are three large creek systems that invite travelers back into the surrounding countryside.  One of the most peaceful and lovely is Churn Creek which flows into the larger Still Pond Creek near its mouth. It is the resting place of thousands of waterfowl during the spring and fall migrations, and is protected from north and northwest winds by a sandbar at its mouth.  The Still Pond Coast Guard Station is just a short distance north.

For more information about the camps in the local area, click on Camp Fairlee Manor, Camp Tockwogh or Camp Echo Hill.

For a look at the coast bewteen Fairlee Creek and Rock Hall, click here.

The symbol ยท indicates a put-in point for kayaks or canoes.  Directions to each from the main road are included below.
Betterton ramp and beach are at the end of MD Route 292, also called Still Pond Road.
Still Pond Landing
From MD Route 292 northwest of Still Pond, take Bessicks Corner Road southwest toward Still Pond Creek. Turn right onto Still Pond Creek Road. Ramp is on the left.
Green Point Landing
From MD Route 298, turn left onto Newtown Road north of Melitota. After passing St. James Church, turn left onto Green Point Road and proceed to the end.
Buck Neck Landing
From MD Route 298, turn left onto Buck Neck Road just north of Melitota. Proceed to the end.
Fairlee Landing
Leave Fairlee on Bay Shore Road. Turn right onto Fairlee Landing Road at the corner of Camp Fairlee Manor.

Fairlee Creek to Rock Hall Harbor

Paddle Kent County - Tolchester Marina and Put-in
To reach the Tolchester Beach put-in if you are traveling from Chestertown, leave MD Route 20 on MD Route 21 in the vicinity of Caulk's Field and proceed to the end of the road. If you are traveling from Rock Hall, leave Rock Hall on MD Route 445 and turn left at the junction of MD Routes 445 and 21.