Kent County Recreation: Paddling

Sassafras River Georgetown to Turner's Creek

Paddle Kent County - Sassafras River
The Sassafras River forms the northern boundary of Kent County.  Unlike the Chester, the Sassafras runs nearly east-west and is substantialy shorter.  Less than a mile beyond the mouth of Lloyd Creek, the Sassafras flows past the resort town of Betteron and into the Upper Chesapeak Bay.   For more information about the geology and wildlife in the local area, visit the Sassafras River Natural Resources Management Area located approximately 12 miles north of Chestertown on Turners Creek Road.

Those who are interested in technical data on the Sassfras River and its companion stream to the south, the Chester, may wish to examine the Environmental Protection Agency's  Watershed Environmental Profile which provides a wealth of detail on both.

The symbol ยท indicates a put-in point for kayaks or canoes.  Directions to each from the main road are included below.
Georgetown Landing
From Galena, take MD Route 290 East. Turn left onto Gregg Road. Proceed to the end.
Shallcross Wharf
Just west of the intersection of MD Routes 213 and 444, take Shallcross Wharf Road north. At the fork, bear left and proceed to the end.
Turner's Creek Landing
From MD 213, take MD Route 298 west toward Still Pond. Turn north onto Turner's Creek Road and proceed to the end.