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Community Survey

The purpose of this survey is to sample the attitudes and opinions of the citizens of Kent County and others who may have had contact with the Kent County Sheriff's Office.

We want your opinions so that we can improve our service to you, our customer.

While we welcome your comments at any time, if you have a specific complaint about either our service or a particular member of our staff, you should visit the section of our website, DO YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT ABOUT US? That section describes the specific procedures by which we address such complaints.

We will ask for your name and contact information at the end of this survey. However, you do not have to provide that information in order to submit a survey and to be heard.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our Community Survey.

1. Are you a Kent County Resident?

2.If you are a Kent County resident, in what town or area do you live?

3. Within the past 12 months, have you had contact with the Kent County Sheriff's Office?
If yes - continue with question 4
If no - skip to question 9

4. Indicate the nature of the most recent contact you had with our office. (If you had more than one contact in the last year, feel free to complete this survey more than once).

5a. Was the KCSO employee you dealt with courteous?

5b. Neat and well-dressed?

5c.Concerned about your problem?

5d. Knowledgeable about his or her duties?

6.Did the KCSO employee: respond in a reasonable time?

6b. introduce him or herself?

6c.adequately explain the basis for his/her actions?

6d. answer your questions?

7. Overall how would you rate the KCSO employee's response?

8. How could we have done better to improve your experience?

9. How would you rank the following public safety issues in terms of their importance to you? Put a "1" beside the most serious problem, a "2" beside the next most serious, etc.

9a. Burglary
9b. Drugs
9c. Disorderly conduct
9d. Graffiti
9e. Destruction of Property
9f. Assault
9g. Speeding
9h. Abandoned vehicles
9i. Public Drinking
9j. Skateboarding


10. If there were one problem you would like the KCSO to solve for you, what would it be?

11.Which of the following is the most important source of information in forming your opinion about the KCSO?

12. Overall, how would you rate the KCSO's service to citizens of and visitors to Kent County?

13. How could we improve that service?

14. If you would like, you may complete the following information concerning yourself. There is no requirement that you complete this section for your opinion to be heard:



Telephone #:


Use these buttons to either submit or clear the survey. You will receive notification of the success of submission. After submitting this form, please use your "back" button to return to the Sheriff's page.

Thank you again for taking the time to complete this survey.