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PUBLIC HEARING - May 17, 2016

Zoning Map Amendment

May 17, 2016


A public hearing was held today at 6:09 p.m. for the purpose of discussing a Zoning Map Amendment on Tax Map 43, Parcel 4.

County Commissioners, William W. Pickrum, Ronald H. Fithian, and William A. Short were in attendance as well as Shelley Herman, County Administrator, Thomas N. Yeager, County Attorney, Amy Moredock, Director, Planning, Housing, and Zoning, Applicants: Kelley Anne Richards and Alice Kelly Holton, Frederick Keer, and Robert Nickerson, L.S., Extreme Measurers Land Surveyors.

The Notice of the Public Hearing was read into the record by Commissioner Pickrum.

Ms. Moredock stated that at its April 7, 2016 meeting, the Planning Commission reviewed the application of Kelly Anne Richards and Alice Kelly Holton for a zoning map amendment for the lands known as Tax Map 43, Parcel 4. It is the applicants’ contention that it was the intent of the previous property owner to include the entire parcel within the Resource Conservation Area during the initial 1989 mapping of the Critical Area line. This intention is no longer reflected in the tax maps. Map 43, Parcel 4 is currently split-zoned Resource Conservation District, Rural Character, and Agricultural Zoning District. This change in the configuration of Parcel 4 has created a drafting error. The Planning Commission sent a favorable recommendation to the Commissioners on April 12, 2016.

Commissioner Pickrum asked if anyone in the audience wished to comment on the application. No one else from the audience wished to comment. On motion by Commissioner Fithian and seconded by Commissioner Short, the Commissioners unanimously approved the Zoning Map Amendment, pending approval from the Critical Area Commission. On motion by Commissioner Short and seconded by Commissioner Fithian, the Commissioners unanimously agreed to adopt Resolution 2016-02.

The hearing was taped for reference and on a motion by Commissioner Short and seconded by Commissioner Fithian, the Commissioners unanimously agreed to adjourn the public hearing at 6:14 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sondra M. Blackiston, Clerk

William W. Pickrum, President
The County Commissioners
of Kent County, Maryland