Public Hearings - Code Home Rule Bill No. 1-2008

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PUBLIC HEARING - April 29, 2008

Code Home Rule Bill No. 1-2008

A public hearing was held today at 9:30 a.m. in the County Commissioners’ Hearing Room, County Government Center, Chestertown, Maryland on Code Home Rule Bill No. 1-2008, which is an Act to amend Chapter 152 (“TAXATION”) of Public Laws of Kent County to establish a local supplement to the State Homeowners Property Tax Credit; to establish the eligibility criteria for the enhancement; to establish the amount of the credit; and generally relating to Chapter 152 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Kent County.

County Commissioners Roy Crow, Ronald Fithian, and William Pickrum, were in attendance as well as Susanne Hayman, County Administrator, approximately 20 interested persons and two members of the media.

Commissioner Crow read the Notice of Public Hearing into the record.

Lorraine Langenfelder, Chairman, Commission on Aging, commented that this legislation will be a positive change that will benefit low income seniors. She stated that she believes that the $25,000 income limit is a good place to start.

Commissioner Fithian stated that the Commissioners had to be cautious in the income limit amount because at this point it is still unknown how many seniors will apply. He stated that the County will begin with a $25,000 income limitation and build on it in the future if it is feasible.

Commissioner Pickrum stated that he has always been concerned with the quality of life for Kent County citizens. He stated that the Commissioners have to take small steps because of the effects on finances and they hope to do more in the future.

Commissioner Fithian added that he is glad to see support from the seniors in attendance.

This hearing was taped for reference and adjourned at 9:40 a.m.

Third reading of this proposed legislation will be held on May 6, 2008, the next legislative day.


Janice F. Fletcher
Executive Assistant


Roy W. Crow, President