Chesapeake Country National Scenic Byway: Vision

The Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway celebrates life on Maryland's Eastern Shore, one of the truly special landscapes in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Curiosity and a sense of discovery bring ample rewards -- Byway travelers learn about the region's rich history and culture while gaining an appreciation for the traditions and working life of local watermen, farmers, and merchants.

The Byway links together the Upper Eastern Shore's most unique resources--its working landscapes and waterfronts, historic town centers, and pristine natural areas. Enjoy the beauty, peace and tranquility of Chesapeake Country. Stroll along the Byway's historic main streets, take in the scenery, drop by a local restaurant for crab cakes, pick-up fresh produce at a farm stand, or paddle along an undisturbes stretch of the Bay and its rivers.

Byway management focuses on striking a careful balance between stimulating local economies, celebrating local history and culture, and conserving sensitive natural resources.

Plan Goals
Promote a safe and pleasant experience for all users of the Byway.

Expand opportunities for people to experience and learn about the qualities that make Chesapeake Country a truly special place--its historic towns and villages, its working landscapes, and its connections to the rivers and Bay.

Support projects and initiatives that help strengthen local economies while sustaining traditional economic pursuits--agricultural and fishery-related industries--and protecting the high quality of life of Byway communities.

Support efforts to conserve and protect the Byway's most important natural, cultural and historic resources.

Encourage public and private investment that improves the visual quality of the roadside environment.

Encourage regional cooperation, stewardship and economic development through Byway-related partnerships.