Kent County Bird Club

A Chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society


The Kent County Bird Club, a Chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society (MOS), is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and enjoyment of birds, as well as the conservation of wildlife habitats. It promotes recreational and social events, educational programs and information exchange.

Members and visitors are welcome to join local and regional field trips and bird counts led by expert birders from September to June and to attend monthly meetings featuring varied presentations on eco-travel, bird identification and biology and conservation issues. MOS also holds an annual conference and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter.

Whether you simply like to look out your widow at a bird feeder or put on hip waders for a trek through the swamp, membership in the Kent County Bird Club and the Maryland Ornithological Society will enrich your birding experiences.  No matter what your birding ability, you will meet new friends, grow in your knowledge of birds and nature, and have plenty of fun.




Officers for 2015-2016, elected at the June meeting/potluck dinner:
Nancy Martin, President - 410-778-9568 -
Steve Croker, Treasurer - 
Walter Ellison, State MOS Director - 410-778-9568 -
Kathleen O’Connor, Programs - 410-778-4344