Kent County Bird Club

A Chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society


The Kent County Bird Club, a Chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society (MOS), is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and enjoyment of birds, as well as the conservation of wildlife habitats. It promotes recreational and social events, educational programs and information exchange.

Members and visitors are welcome to join local and regional field trips and bird counts led by expert birders from September to June and to attend monthly meetings featuring varied presentations on eco-travel, bird identification and biology and conservation issues. MOS also holds an annual conference and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter.

Whether you simply like to look out your widow at a bird feeder or put on hip waders for a trek through the swamp, membership in the Kent County Bird Club and the Maryland Ornithological Society will enrich your birding experiences.  No matter what your birding ability, you will meet new friends, grow in your knowledge of birds and nature, and have plenty of fun.




Officers for 2015-2016, elected at the June meeting/potluck dinner:
Nancy Martin, President - 410-778-9568 -
Meg Parry, Vice President & Secretary - 410-639-7719
Joe Rogers, Treasurer - 410-810-2814
Walter Ellison, State MOS Director - 410-778-9568 -
Kathleen O’Connor, Programs - 410-778-4344





Your membership in the Society provides support for the MOS sanctuary program, scholarships and research grants, and subscriptions to publications of the Society.  More importantly, however, your membership means you become a partner with those who care about wise stewardship of our natural resources.  Join today!



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The annual program runs from September through June.  Dues are payable September 1st.

For Membership 9/1/2012 - 9/1/2013 

__   Household - $45
__   Individual - $30 
__   Youth - $10
__   Life - $1000
__   Affiliate - $5 (Kent County Bird Club only – must be a member of another chapter)

Joe Rogers, Treasurer
Kent County Bird Club
PO Box 1003
Chestertown, MD   21620
Make checks payable to: Kent County Bird Club





All field trips will meet at the “Dollar General” parking lot (off Philosopher’s Terrace) in Chestertown unless otherwise specified. If you have questions, please contact the trip leaders. Walter Ellison and Nancy Martin, 410-778-9568, e-mail:

September 12 – (SATURDAY) – Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Bombay Hook NWR, Delaware. The salt marshes of Delaware Bay host large numbers of shorebirds, waterfowl, gulls, and raptors. All day, bring lunch.

September 20 – (SUNDAY) – Field Trip: Fall Count. Full day. Help us count birds in as much of Kent County as possible in a single day; join a field party or cover your neighborhood anywhere in the county. Contact one of the leaders for more information.

September 26 – (SATURDAY) – Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Turkey Point, Cecil County. The geography of the Elk Neck peninsula concentrates migrants as they head south. We will walk to the Turkey Point lighthouse, encountering warblers and other passerines, while keeping an eye out for raptors overhead. All day, bring lunch.

October 10 – (SATURDAY) – Big Sit. A different kind of field trip: join us in the parking area at Bogle’s Wharf, Eastern Neck NWR, to help tally all the birds seen (and heard) from within our 17-foot diameter Big Sit circle. Drop by any time from first light (when birds are most active) to mid-afternoon, and stay as long as you’d like. Note, Sunday, October 11 is a bad-weather backup date.

October 17 – (SATURDAY) – Field Trip, meet at the Tundra Swan Boardwalk at 8:00 AM, Beginner’s Bird Walk, Eastern Neck NW.R. We’ll spend the morning exploring several of the Refuge’s trails and overlooks, looking for a variety of migrants, from raptors to warblers. Half day, bring snacks.

November 15 – (SUNDAY) – Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Kent County Landings. We will explore several of Kent County’s landings and other spots for a variety of geese, ducks and some non-waterfowl as well. Half day, dress warmly & bring snacks.

November 21 – (SATURDAY) – Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Assateague Island, Worcester County. A prime location for sea ducks, late shorebirds, and gannets at the beaches and marshes, and late migrant land birds in thickets and dune woodlands. All day, bring lunch.

December 20 – (SUNDAY) – Lower Kent County Christmas Bird Count. Covers area from south of Chestertown & Tolchester to Eastern Neck Island. Full day of counting, followed by count down dinner. Contact compiler Nancy Martin for area assignments or more information.

December 27 – (SUNDAY) – Chesterville Christmas Bird Count. Covers most of eastern Kent County & some of northern Queen Anne’s. Full day of counting, followed by count down dinner. Contact compiler Maren Gimpel at 912-660-1541 for area assignments or more information.


Meetings are held at 7:30 pm on the second Tuesday of each month in Wesley Hall at Heron Point, off East Campus Avenue, Chestertown. Light refreshments follow the program.

September 8 – The Amazing Journey of the Red Knot - Mike Hudson

October 13 – National Wildlife Refuges, National Treasures – Bob Mumford

November 10 – Avian ‘Candy’ in the Pacific Northwest – Wayne Bell & Les Coble

December 8 – Program & Speaker to be finalized

WINTER-Spring Field Trip Schedule – JanUARY-June 2016

January 9 – (SATURDAY) - Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Eastern Neck N.W.R. Kick off your birding year with a half-day search for waterfowl, eagles, and winter land birds.

January 23 – (SATURDAY) – Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Ocean City, Worcester County. Our annual search for winter specialties including gannet, sea ducks, alcids, gulls, Purple Sandpipers, and wintering songbirds. Full day. Dress warmly, bring lunch and warm beverages.

February 7 – (SUNDAY) – Field Trip: Winter Count. Full day. Join the field crew or count in your neighborhood, anywhere in Kent County. Contact one of the leaders for more information.

February 21 – (SUNDAY) – Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Chesapeake Farms, Kent County. Wintering waterfowl, raptors, White-crowned and other sparrows. Half day, bring snacks.

March 5 – (SATURDAY) – Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Pickering Creek Audubon Center, Talbot County. Impoundments, woods and fields attract waterfowl, raptors (including the occasional Golden Eagle), sparrows and other migrants. Bring lunch.

March 19 – (SATURDAY) – Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Prime Hook N.W.R., Delaware. Spring birding for late waterfowl, raptors, early shorebirds and songbirds. Full day, bring lunch.

April 2 – (SATURDAY) – Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Dorchester County. Prime waterfowl and eagle country; pelicans and other surprises? Full day, bring lunch.

April 16 – (SATURDAY) – Field Trip, meet at the Tundra Swan Boardwalk at 12:00 Noon, Beginner’s Bird Walk, Eastern Neck NW.R. In honor of Earth Day, we’ll spend 2 to 3 hours exploring several of the Refuge’s trails and overlooks, looking for a variety of migrants, from raptors to warblers. Half day, bring snacks.

May 1 – (SUNDAY) – Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Millington N.R.M.A., Kent County. Spring migrants, woodland nesters, and open-country birds – Warbler migration should be in high gear in the woods & meadows of this excellent location for migrants & breeding forest birds. Half day.

May 14 – (SATURDAY) – Field Trip: May Count. An all-day effort to census as much of Kent County as possible. Join a field party or count in your neighborhood. Contact one of the leaders for details.

May 22 – (SUNDAY) – Field Trip, 8:00 AM. Delaware Bay Shorebirds and Horseshoe Crabs. The annual May gathering of northbound shorebirds including large numbers of Red Knots and Ruddy Turnstones in bright breeding dress, feeding on Horseshoe Crab eggs along the shores of Delaware Bay is a migration spectacle. We will visit the Delaware Bay shore from Mispillion Light south to Prime Hook; an area also good for coastal marsh birds, gulls and terns. Full day, bring lunch.


March 8 – Black Skimmers – Dave Brinker

April 12 – Penguins – Norm & Linda Dulak

May 10 – Frogs & Forest Birds in Delmarva – Ron Gutberlet

June 5 or 12 – Date to be finalized – Annual Club Picnic and planning meeting, 4:30 pm. Potluck dinner at the Lodge at Eastern Neck NWR.