Cliffs Schoolhouse is the last remaining one-room schoolhouse in Kent County. It was erected in 1878 to serve a watermen's and farming community and was so used until 1939. The building has been preserved in its original condition and is well equipped with many of its original furnishings.

Restoration and preservation of the schoolhouse is a current project of the Port of Chester Questers, with assistance from the Retired Teachers Association and is overseen by Preservation Inc. The Port of Chester Questers and the Retired School Teachers are available to open the schoolhouse to visiting tour groups and school groups during the school year and for summer school programs. For information, or to make arrangements, call Mrs. Carol Cordes at 410 778-9173 or Mrs. Jean Foreman at 410 778-3098.

The Questers and Retired Teachers enjoy showing visiting school groups what school was like in bygone days.

Adult visitors enjoy reading the class lessons, for seven grades, written on the blackboards by the last teacher. They like to see if they know the answers that were expected of sixth, and seventh graders of the time.

The school is well equipped with many of it's original furnishings; plus many items such as schoolbooks, maps. slates and other period items which have been donated.