Kent County Local Management Board

(Private Sector - 3 year term)

Deeann Jones 07/31/18 John Schratwieser 09/30/20
Annie Woodall 09/30/20  Jamie Barrett 06/30/21

Date indicates expiration of term.

Governmental Agency - No Term Limit

Shelly Neal-Edwards, Dept. of Social Services Vacant, Mid Shore Mental Health Systems
Dr. Leland Spencer, Kent Co. Health Dept. Janice Steffy, Kent Co. Board of Education
William J. Clark, Chair, Dept. of Juvenile Services Myra Butler, Kent Co. Parks & Recreation, Vice Chair
Ronald Fithian, County Commissioner  
Herbert Dennis, Warden, Detention Center  


Rosemary Ramsey-Granillo, Director, LMB

400 High Street, 2nd Floor

Chestertown, MD 21620

(410) 810-2673

The Local Management Board meets the third Thursday of every month, except in July and December.



The Kent County Local Management Board  will:

  • Create a vision for the role of local government and local child and family serving agencies in achieving results for children and families.
  • Develop and update (on an annual basis), a long term (5 year) (City/County/Community/Neighborhood) Plan for Children and Families to implement the vision. The Plan will:
    • Describe how the results articulated by the Task Force and reaffirmed/refined by the Commission for Children and Families will be achieved.
    • Identify/define other results to be achieved by the LMB and local agencies, establishing goals, incremental objectives and time frames for accomplishment.
    • Set priorities based on an assessment of community strengths and needs.
    • Address the issues regarding the pooling of resources under local control that may be necessary to accomplish Plan results.
    • Engage the commitment, resources, and expertise of stakeholders and citizens at large to assure that all public and private, formal and informal resources are fully developed and that their use is maximized to achieve results.
    • Set standards and establish methodologies for evaluating results.
  • Establish general policy guidance required to implement the local plan which is binding on local agencies.
  • Submit to local government a children and families budget for achieving the results outlined in the local plan.
  • Set priorities which will govern the allocation and use of available funds.
  • Develop plans to command public and political attention and support for programs that will achieve results for children and families at the local level.
  • Ensure broad collaboration across local agencies and across services.
  • Use existing resources, ensure the development and ongoing operation of a single point(s) of entry which is/are accessible and responsive to the needs of children and families.