Kent County MD - Public Works

Marty Holden, Director, Environmental Operations
PH: 410-778-7439 | FAX: 410-778-7424 | Email:
709 Morgnec Road, Suite 104, Chestertown MD 21620

Recycling Center Guidelines

As a member of the Mid-shore Regional Recycling Program (MRRP), Kent County has five recycling centers positioned throughout the county:

  • Nicholson Drop-off Center
  • Duck Puddle Drop-off Center (Galena)
  • Sharptown Drop-off Center (Rock Hall)
  • Old Parks & Recreation building parking lot
  • Town of Rock Hall
    6045 Main St.
    Rock Hall, MD 21661

All recycling centers will accept corrugated cardboard, newspaper, catalogs, phone books, junk mail, envelopes w/ windows, mixed paper, paper board such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes, toilet paper & paper towel tubes, narrow neck plastic bottles and jugs, mixed tin & aluminum cans, clear, brown and green glass.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Kent County Public Works Department at:
410-778-2600, or call 1-800 I RECYCLE.

Thank you for recycling!


blue for paper
Mixed Paper
Newspaper Magazines
Office Paper
Phone Books
Junk Mail
Envelopes with Windows
Shredded Paper
All Paper

Cereal Boxes
Shoe Boxes
Toilet Paper Rolls
Paper Towel Rolls
Soda & Beer Cartons
Snack Boxes

- Keep all paper clean and dry

- No plastic/metal binders
- Do not place in plastic bags
- No clips or plastic covers
- No pizza boxes or egg cartons

No Cardboard


- Keep all cardboard clean
- Always unfold & flatten boxes

- No wax–coated cardboard
- No packing peanuts, styrofoam, or other types of packing material.

red for plastic bottles and jugs
Plastic Bottles& Jugs
(Narrow Neck Only)

- Empty & rinse
- Flatten if possible
- Discard caps & lids
- Only plastic bottles & jugs
- Discard all solvent, oil chemical containers

- Don't recycle motor oil jugs  that once held new or used oil.
- Don’t recycle rubber, plastic bags,
plastic cups, forks & other dinnerware
or frozen food trays.

yellow for aluminum, steel and tin cans
Steel / Tin Cans

- Empty & rinse
- Please remove paper labels

- Don't recycle paint thinner paint or
solvent cans
- Don't recycle cookware, flat ware or pots/pans, soiled foil or soiled aluminum plates

clear glassbrown glassgreen glass
Glass Jars

- Empty & rinse
- Discard caps/lids
- Discard broken glass
- Recycle only glass (bottles & jars)

- Don't include caps/lids
- Don't leave food residue
- Don't try to recycle:
 window glass, dishes, pottery, drinking glasses, light bulbs