Economic Development Commission

(Term 3 years - 7 members)

Kate Goodall-Gray 01/31/2018 Aaron Bramble 12/31/17
Robert Jacob, Vice-Chair 03/31/17 Cindy Genther 12/31/17
Robert Ampula 03/21/17 Jim Luff, Chairman 12/31/17
Dan Macleod, School Board Representative 05/31/19 William Short, County Commissioner
Shreyas Sathyanarayana Suresh, Student Member, 6/30/17  Mary Ford, Student Member, 6/30/17
Date indicates expiration of term.


Code Home Rule Bill No. 5-2015 was adopted on January 29, 2016. The purpose of the amendment was to update the code to define its duties of the Economic Development department and board members and rename the Economic Development Advisory Board to the Economic Development Commission. Once the new law is codified the text will be placed on the website.

Code Home Rule 5-2015