Quality of Life in Kent County, Maryland

Kent County is conveniently located less than 2 hours from Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC situated on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Here, we have a perfect blend of historic and rural preservation combined with quality higher education which has resulted in our strong and thriving culture and quality of life. Here, we take pride in our economic diversity by hosting and providing opportunities for various industries to grow and prosper. With over 130,000 acres of agricultural land, 265 miles of shoreline, and located in close proximity to major US highways, Kent County's location has been a strategic asset for many of our industries while providing the rural lifestyle that many folks desire.


Education, like conservation, is highly valued in Kent County, with several noted private schools and an award-winning public school that provides pre-K through adult education and career training. Washington and Chesapeake Colleges provide higher education, business consulting, research, intern programs and continuing education. Recently a formal STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program was established in two grades and will expand over time to six grades.

Innovative enrichment centers throughout the County offer education as diverse as art instruction, farming, recreation, cultural studies, colonial heritage, health, family and aging issues. 

The Academy of Lifelong Learning at Washington College (WC-ALL) is a peer-led, self-supported autonomous department of the College that was created for adults who seek intellectual stimulation without the requirements for academic credit - learning for the joy of learning. Each College semester the WC-ALL offers two six-week sessions with 12-15 courses each session; approximately 400 Eastern Shore residents become members and register for as many courses as they wish, for one all-inclusive membership fee.

21st Century Learning: The Future of Education in Kent County, Part I - By Al Hammond

21st Century Learning: The Future of Education in Kent County, Part 2 - By Al Hammond


Health Care

Kent County offers a multitude of healthcare services for outpatients and inpatients. University of Maryland Shore Regional Health is a member of the University of Maryland Medical System that lives in Kent County. University of Maryland Shore Regional Health provides services to 330,000 outpatients each year. The Kent County Health Department offers affordable healthcare in a variety of services, including dental care, family planning, adult daycare, and routine screenings for many illnesses, just to name a few. Kent County also has a behavioral health center that offers psychiatric treatment for children, couples, and adults as well as substance abuse prevention services. In addition to these facilities, Kent County offers a wide array of private nursing homes, home care, and hospice services, ENT care services, and unconventional medicines and healing such as that of Chinese medicine or spiritual healing through yoga.



Whether you enjoy the great outdoors or prefer indoor activities, Kent County has an activity to offer you. The location of Kent County, tucked in a beautiful nook of nature on Maryland’s eastern shore, makes it the perfect place to bird-watch, hunt, fish, hike, bike, enjoy water sports, sunbathe on a beach, tour a vineyard, or camp out in the wilderness. For those who prefer indoor activities, Kent County offers a movie theatre, museums, galleries, studios, and theatres that offer truly aesthetic creations to parallel the natural beauty of the outdoor environment.


Tree of LifeArts & Entertainment

Kent County is home to some of the most talented artists in Maryland, or even, in the United States. The studios, galleries, and theatres of Kent County offer expressive and beautiful works for all to enjoy. The paintings, sculptures, concerts, and theatrical productions of Kent County artists evoke emotion and provoke critical thinking about our culture.

The Garfield Center for the Arts at the Prince Theatre, located in Chestertown, hosts a variety of productions such as screenings, plays, musicals, open mic nights, and choir concerts for those who love live-action or audiovisuals.

Each autumn, Chestertown RiverArts hosts a Studio Tour for visitors to enjoy multiple exhibitions and events and find that piece of art that they truly connect to. The Studio Tour, now running for nearly two decades, includes fiber arts, sculptures, printmaking, paintings, ceramics, woodworking, and jewelry. Each person is sure to find a piece or production that speaks to them.


Kent County has a wide range of shopping opportunities, but all of Kent County’s shops have one commonality: they are all charming, artistic, and unique. As you stroll through Chestertown, Rock Hall, Galena, and other Kent County towns, you’ll find artisan boutiques and galleries. Shops offer home goods, clothing, flowers, toys, and artistic creations, just to name a few. Each month, enjoy complimentary refreshments, extended business hours, and promotions at businesses in Chestertown on First Friday. There’s something for everyone!

On Saturday mornings from 8:00 a. m. to 12:00 p.m. between March and December, there is a Farmer’s Market in the central location of Fountain Park, Chestertown. The famous Farmer’s Market features artisans and farmers from all over Kent County, creating a friendly environment of business and beauty within a close-knit, supportive community that draws in visitors form miles away. Once you experience the charming Farmer’s Market, you’re bound to return!



Kent County is certainly a place rich in culinary diversity and quality. The expertise of chefs in our restaurants exceeds the expectations of the guests they serve with natural, locally produced food products and authentic, original dishes.

Kent County restaurants never fail to provide guests with gourmet dishes. From homemade recipes to modern twists on traditional cuisine, any culinary creations are bound to fill you up. The farms of Kent County provide restaurants with vegetables, dairy, and meat products of the highest quality. The waterways of Kent County provide award-winning seafood delights such as oysters, rockfish, crab, and clams.

Any guest knows that along with flavorful food, an accompanying atmosphere is key to a wonderful dining experience. There are options for every type of dining atmosphere ranging from fast-paced and loud with live performances, to calm and serene along the waterside. In the winter, cozy up with friends and family over a candlelit dinner. In the summer, have a blast cracking crabs open and enjoying the fresh air. Any dining location in the County of Kent will offer unmatched hospitality and flavor. There is a perfect dining experience awaiting each individual.


All year-round, guests of Kent County are sure to enjoy beautiful scenic routes of farmland, waterways, and vineyards on their way to their vintage and comfortable bed and breakfast. Once in Kent County, guests are sure to enjoy the antique and artistic shops, museums, galleries, studios, theatres, and outdoor activities.


Kent County, although “quintessentially rural” and seemingly tranquil, has many exciting attractions to offer visitors and residents. The epitome of “don’t judge a book by its cover”, Kent County has thrilling outdoor attractions full of wildlife, coastlines, and recreational activities both on land and in the water. Enjoy a beach day in Betterton, waterski on the Chester River, or cycle alongside the historic buildings of the County.

For the colder months and those who prefer indoor attractions, there are many options for entertainment. Cozy up with a book in a warm and buzzing café, enjoy a glass of wine at a sidewalk table, and stroll through historic gardens. Kent County attracts lovers of history, art, and theatre with countless beautiful and authentic museums and sites. These include the famous Kitty Knight house, the Waterman’s Museum, the Customs House, and Washington College’s campus. The County also offers entertainment with historical reenactments and annual events such as the Chestertown Tea Party reenactment each May, the Battle of Caulk Field reenactment, Down Rigging Weekend, and the annual Harry Potter Weekend in Chestertown. It is nearly impossible to complete the list of things to do in Kent County!


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