Visiting Kent County

Historic Towns
Welcome visitors can follow quaint red-brick sidewalks along broad shaded streets as they roam through specialty shops, galleries, antique stores and eateries.
Local Shopping
Drawing talented and crafted vendors, Kent County events can be the perfect shopping experience. Request a Visitor Information Package here, or go to the on-line calendar of events, to plan your shopping trip around many of the county's terrific events.
Arts and Entertainment
Kent County has been recognized by the Maryland State Arts Council as one of the significant arts communities in the state. Check out our calendar of events and experience our proud cultural heritage.
Photo courtesy of the National Music Festival
Recreation on the Chesapeake Bay
Kent County has many great boating locales, where beautiful scenery combines farmlands with historic mansions, where many gunkholes invite a quiet night's anchorage, where there are parks, bird sanctuaries and preserves, plus the Schooner Sultana, museums and historic areas to visit.

We’ve gathered some of the best melodic happenings and music-filled venues around Kent County that can help one get back to a feeling of normalcy through song and sound. Large music festivals are an incredible way to celebrate artists, music and talented musicians every year. But all over the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and specifically in Kent County, music is celebrated more frequently, in smaller ways and every day in new forms as people have had to become creative in recent times. The spotlight is on four local venues that have done their part to bring music to the community, as well as annual festivals that we all love. Some venues have reimagined their music programming (virtual concerts anyone?). These events all prove that melody and music live on in Kent County.


Summer breezes are calling for a maritime adventure in a magical setting. The Chesapeake Bay, Sassafras River and Chester River are enchanting waters on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Whether it’s via wind or motor, a boat can take you anywhere you want to be—including, away from it all.

Americans are aching to get outside and go experience something serene. Summer travel plans may not be typical this year, so cars—and boats!—are going to be some of the best ways to explore. Perhaps it’s time to try something new and go on a true adventure where you can make your own memories with family or friends and define your own space.


As the season changes and you look for opportunities to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, remember that outdoor adventures and sustainable eco-travel abound in Kent County, Maryland. This picturesque area of the Chesapeake Bay has plenty of room to explore without crowds. Kent County is known for its uncompromised nature, a slew of outdoor activities to enjoy it with, a love of sustainable cuisine (available for take-out and delivery if needed), environmentally friendly lodging—and it’s all paired with sweeping river and bay views.


The benefits of eating locally sourced food are well lauded, from increased flavor and freshness to reduced waste, transit pollution and fuel consumption. Islanders naturally realize these advantages as their geographical limitations demand resourcefulness of everything the environment offers.

While Kent County, Maryland, isn’t technically an island, it is nearly surrounded by water. Native tribes and early settlers thrived on its bounties from the sea and its fruitful soil. Fortunately, their traditions of self-reliance continue to prosper with residents today.


A patchwork of green, yellow and brown covers a landscape surrounded by large swaths of silvery-blue glinting like a mirror for the sun; ribbons of jade and teal weave through clusters of lush green groves; and quaint towns where life is easy and offer fountains and flower gardens by which to rest.  This is Kent County, Maryland, from a bird’s-eye view. With a landscape this inviting, it’s no wonder the area is a haven for birds, waterfowl and butterflies.


Chestertown, located in Kent County, Maryland, thrives with historical significance, lively festivals, a vibrant art and cultural scene, eclectic shops, charming inns and diverse restaurants. It’s also home to Washington College, the 10th oldest liberal arts college in the country—which is named after former President George Washington.  Since its founding in 1782, the college’s influences have continued to flow through Chestertown like the waterways that surround it.


Grab those wooden mallets because it’s time to chase down the delicate, sweet seafood flavor of the Chesapeake Bay blue crab, and in Kent County, Maryland, the supply is plentiful and the tradition of celebrating the season is lively.

Callinectes sapidus or “beautiful, savory swimmers” have shades of blue mainly on their legs and claws, and some specimens, though rare, are entirely blue. No matter the amount of blue, these crabs harvested from the Chesapeake Bay promise sweet, delicate meat.


Everyone deserves a vacation, including your pooch, and Kent County, Maryland, is the perfect place for your furry friend to wag its tail and enjoy the refreshing breeze of this waterside community. The area has plenty of pet-friendly lodging, restaurants, parks and stores for them to explore...


Founded in 1642, Kent County, Maryland, is in itself a virtual museum of American history—from Native American and colonial settlements to the development of important ports and African American progress. Venture anywhere within this charming area and you’re surrounded with reminders of its historical, maritime, agricultural and civic significance, and you won’t want to miss these 10 richly diverse museums.


When the excitement of the holidays fades, banish the wintertime blues with an outdoor adventure to Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge in Kent County, Maryland. Just a day trip from Baltimore, Philadelphia and D.C., Eastern Neck Island has nearly 2,300 acres of natural beauty cozied between the Chester River and the Chesapeake Bay.

One of the 500-plus refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System, Eastern Neck Island is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Whether under the water, on the water, on land or in the sky, its efforts provide sanctuary for a myriad of life forms. With more than 240 species of birds, including bald eagles, hawks and osprey, tundra swans, Canada geese and other migratory types, it’s a veritable birding haven. Animal lovers will enjoy the diversity of amphibians and reptiles, including diamondback terrapins with their intricately decorated shells and mammals like the endangered Delmarva fox squirrel, white-tailed deer, red fox, beaver, raccoon and more.


Though the street signs at the centers of U.S. towns may not all read “Main,” the moniker evokes a collective impression in American society—a certain nostalgia that harkens back to a simpler life and times. Idyllic Kent County, Maryland, delivers this sensibility on nearly every street you travel. Perhaps it’s due to geography. As a peninsula, with its borders defined by the Chesapeake Bay and the Sassafras and Chester Rivers, the county is naturally preserved from the hustle of nearby Baltimore, Washington, D.C, and Philadelphia.


When seen from above, waterways resemble Mother Earth’s arteries, delivering sustenance throughout the land. Look at a map of Kent County, Maryland and you’ll immediately see the plethora of arterial canals that feed this vibrant area. From freshwater rivers and streams to saltwater inlets and bays, paddling enthusiasts know these channels deliver many gifts to those who go with the flow.


The wonderful thing about Chestertown is its living, thriving community and that its architecture celebrates the town’s vibrant evolution over the centuries. The National Register of Historic Places describes the variety of architectural styles to be seen here.


When you say, “I do,” you want the event, like the lyrics of the everlasting love song, to be unforgettable—not only for you and your future spouse but also for your guests. One way to make it memorable is to take the ceremony somewhere extraordinary. But, go easy on your guests and leave the passports at home because Kent County, Maryland, nestled along the Chesapeake from Baltimore, is convenient and yet remote enough to offer an idyllic and stress-free destination wedding experience that will forever shine in your mind.


There’s a growing trend around the world to lead a healthier lifestyle, and this desire has likewise spawned a segment of tourism focused on health and wellness. While vacations are an escape from everyday life, they’re also an opportunity to enhance and explore the important and positive aspects of daily life. So, when it’s time for you to relax, rejuvenate and restore, Kent County, Maryland, has many ways you can adopt a healthier lifestyle with its holistic approach to living.


From theatrical performances to world-renowned musicians, you’ll find it all in Kent County. A destination for live entertainment, Kent County brings together its unique history and culture in its local theaters. Come enjoy Kent County’s thriving arts scene for yourself. Check the calendar and reserve tickets for a show, because experiencing the Arts in Kent County, Maryland is sure to make your trip to the Upper Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay a memorable one.


There’s a thrill when you see it—when there are so many geese sweeping down on a marsh, their calls can be deafening, and their wings eclipse the sky. The expanses of river marsh and fields that make up the bulk of Kent County are right along the Atlantic flyway, a migratory funnel that siphons 29 species of waterfowl including geese, ducks and swans by the thousands. These birds fly up to 1,600 miles from their Arctic breeding grounds to here, where they spend the relatively mild winter feeding on underwater grasses, clams, mussels and fields of corn.


It’s hot and you want to get away for a couple of days to a quiet spot not too far away, where you can play in the water with your kids without the crowds. Where do you go? Take a tip from history. Try a place that’s an hour’s drive closer to Baltimore and Annapolis than Ocean City. Instead of the Atlantic Ocean, dip your toes in the cool, fresh water of the Chesapeake Bay at one of the historic beaches in Kent County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.


Believe it or not, a few of the earliest recipes for ice cream comes from the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, dating back before the American Revolution. One of the most popular recipes in those days was oyster ice cream. It was sort of an oyster stew frappe.

While that sounds as improbable as it does unpalatable, many of the favorite flavors served at Kent County’s numerous ice cream parlors and restaurants are equally quirky but undeniably delicious. One ice cream flavor in particular— Bourbon and Bacon— lures one couple from New Jersey to drive down every year on their anniversary to savor its delights.  Read more..


Wide, empty roads that lead through expansive landscapes of farm and forest, roads that lead to enticing waterfront destinations just itching for exploration by bicycle – that’s the allure of the Upper Eastern Shore along the Chesapeake Country National Scenic Byway.

The Byway runs through the upper section of the Delmarva Peninsula between the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Perhaps the most enticing section of the Byway is the 40-mile stretch that runs the length of Kent County from Georgetown on the Sassafras River to Chestertown on the Chester River, and from there through Rock Hall to Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge on the Chesapeake Bay...


Kent County, Maryland offers a unique and peaceful wedding destination on the Upper Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay sure to surprise eager brides and grooms-to-be. If you are embarking on a wedding planning adventure, take a moment to learn why a Chesapeake Bay wedding might be exactly what you want.


If you are a history lover who enjoys travel that can be infused with rich historical experiences, Kent County is your next dream destination. Nestled into a perfect spot on the Upper Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, this waterfront destination features remarkable highlights sure to pique the interest of any history buff. Surrounded by the preserved natural beauty of sweeping fields and stunning water views, a history buff cannot help but feel the familiar desire to explore stories of the past, and in Kent County, that desire is sure to be satisfied. Walk the tree-lined brick sidewalks of one of the oldest Mid-Atlantic ports of entry. Explore monuments and museums at your own pace, and without the rush of busy crowds. Immerse yourself in the history of Kent County.


Only two hours from Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Annapolis and Northern Virginia, serene and quiet Kent County, Maryland, occupies a scenic peninsula, where the Chester and Sassafras Rivers flow into the Chesapeake Bay. The oldest mid-Atlantic port of entry, historic Chestertown lies along the banks of the Chester River. Named among the state’s most significant arts communities by the Maryland State Arts Council, arts and entertainment abound here, as do War of 1812 sites along the Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail. Rich with beautiful scenery and diverse activities, here are 15 things you didn’t know about Kent County...


Home to charming towns, preserved nature parks, and picturesque harbors: Kent County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore ranks among the best places to spend your days outdoors in the Northeast. Whether it’s hiking trails to see windswept beaches, kayaking around an island, or wildlife viewing in a protected park, the area has it all. Here are the best ways for nature lovers to enjoy the outdoors in Kent County, Maryland.

Home to historic small towns, beautiful scenery and scores of seafood hangouts, Kent County is an - idyllic destination, perfect for a quick weekend getaway. From kayaking along the rivers, to enjoying Maryland’s world famous Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, Kent County offers something for everyone. To help you plan your trip, here are some highlights to help you plan your 48 hours in Kent County.


Whether you’re looking to hook a rockfish from the rich water of the Chesapeake Bay or paddle down one of its beautiful tributaries, Kent County has everything to pique your interest in and around the water. Home to pristine rivers, picturesque harbors and charming small towns, Kent County is a top vacation destination for water enthusiasts. Get ready to bust out your paddle and fishing rod: Here are the top things to do in Maryland’s Eastern Shore for water lovers.


Home to scenic water views, historic buildings and fabulous restaurants, Kent County is a paradise for traveling foodies. As a fishing county, the area is known for its wealth of seafood cuisine and serious recipes using ingredients from its local waters. In other words, this is a happy place for food connoisseurs and a must-visit destination for foodies on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Here’s your guide to some of the great places to eat, drink and purchase the best local food in Kent County, and you can see all of the county’s fantastic dining options...


If you’re looking for some artistic inspiration, look no further than Kent County, Maryland. Aesthetically speaking, Kent County is a gorgeous waterfront destination—a scenic peninsula on Maryland’s Upper Eastern Shore. Artists love to recreate scenes from these quaint waterfront towns and their beaches along the Chesapeake Bay. These small towns are home to thriving arts scenes as well, especially in Historic Chestertown, where galleries fill the first floors of preserved historic buildings downtown. In fact, Kent County has been recognized by the Maryland State Arts Council as one of the significant arts communities in the state. If you’re looking for a cool arts destination on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, put Kent County on your must-visit list. Here is our guide to the top cultural experiences you can have in Kent County.