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Save a life! A.C.T. Now!
Delmarva Emergency Training Concepts LLC

916 Washington Avenue, Chestertown 21620, Maryland, Kent County

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Save a life! A.C.T. Now!

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Founded in 2015, our mission is to provide great training that does not teach fads, what’s cool or useless knowledge; but simply what works in the real world.

Are you looking at lifesaving training for yourself, your club or group or your employees? Do you know that you need lifesaving training, but not sure what training or how to get it? Do you have lifesaving training, but you do not have the equipment to perform these skills?

We are your one stop shop for everything from leading you towards your training and/or equipment needs, all the way up to providing the needed training with budget friendly prices. We also will not only supply you with the needed lifesaving equipment but also will provide any needed user training, even maintain and service the equipment as needed.

Is Your Company Prepared For An Emergency?

What happens when someone you know or love has a medical emergency? Do you know what to do or how to help them in possibly saving their life? We can help with the classes that we offer to give you the skills and experience to know what to do and when to do it! We offer the following classes to help you:


New Courses:

- Officer Down Survival Training (*Law Enforcement Only*)

- EMS Rescue Task Force Care

- EMS Crew Resource Management

- Rope Rescue for the Fire Service (Engine, Rescue/Squad, Truck Co.)

- 4 Gas Meter Operations


Available Courses:

-          Advanced First-Aid, CPR, & AED

-          BLAST

-          Bloodborne Pathogens

-          BSA First-Aid

-          CPR & AED

-          Fleet Driver Safety

-          Health Care CPR

-          Oxygen Administration

-          Pediatric First-Aid

-          Sports First-Aid

-          Standard First-Aid

-          Standard First-Aid, CPR, & AED

-          Wilderness First-Aid

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