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Annotated Code of Maryland - Alcoholic Beverages


State-level provisions can be found under:


Provisions specific to Kent County can be found under:



Field Inspection of Licensed Establishments


Holders of a Kent County Alcoholic Beverage License are subject to announced and unannounced inspection and investigation.  The sworn Kent County Inspector and/or Agents from the State Comptroller’s Office will perform inspections and/or compliance checks in Kent County to assure legal business practices.  Please refer to the guidelines listed below:

  • The following Licenses must be displayed and visible to public view in a non-conspicuous place at eye level:
    • Alcoholic Beverage License
    • Health Department License
    • State Fire Marshal Occupancy (if applicable)
    • Traders License
    • Retail Sales Tax License
  • The following records must be on file in the establishment and available to manager:
    • Workers compensation insurance
    • Alcohol purchase receipts from State approved vendor for a minimum of two (2) years
    • Alcoholic beverage/food sales receipts for no less than 12 months
    • Personnel records of staff members (including date of birth, address, telephone number and alcohol awareness training record (TIPS or TAM) if applicable)
    • An Alcohol Awareness Staff Absentee Log
    • Log of Alcoholic Beverage Purchase Age Documentation – if permitted for off-site alcoholic beverage delivery
  • Inspection and Investigation will include assurance of:
    • An Alcohol Awareness Trained Staff member on site always at time of alcohol sale
    • Parking area is posted against drinking consumption
    • Sale to individuals of legal age, and proper ID checks being completed
    • No sale to persons obviously intoxicated
    • Provision of a safe environment for patrons  
    • Provision of safe environment to individuals obviously intoxicated and assurance that they are not leaving premises unattended
    • No tampering nor refilling of alcoholic beverage containers and proper sale of mark advertised product
    • No consumption of alcoholic beverages in unrestricted areas of premises
    • No intoxication nor consumption of alcohol by alcohol service or security staff
    • No on premises consumption of alcoholic beverage not purchased from license holder (w/exception of wine corkage permit)
      • If Class A – No Alcohol Consumption on Premises (except for approved tastings)
    • Proper age of bar, counter and/or alcohol service staff
    • No illegal gambling devices or gaming
    • No illegal sale of tobacco products
    • Sound levels that would not disturb peace or safety of patrons or neighbors
    • No sale, availability or delivery of alcoholic beverages between the hours of 2:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.
  • Compliance with Federal, State or Local laws and/or ordinances and/or health code violations

On behalf of the Board of License Commissioners of Kent County, and the Office of the Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco Inspector, we wish you success and look forward to working with you.