Alcohol Awareness Information




Alcohol Awareness training is required

A holder of any retail alcoholic beverages license or an employee designated by the holder shall complete training in an approved alcohol awareness program.

Kent County is pleased to offer On-Premise and Off-Premise Alcohol Awareness Training and Certification by J. Terry Ober, TIPS Instructor # 50865.  Please call 443-995-5367 or email  


Annotated Code of Maryland, ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, § 4-505. Alcohol awareness program; and Conduct of Kent County License Holders

§ 24-1903. Alcohol awareness program

(a)  Presence required; temporary absence from licensed premises allowed. 

(1)  The license holder or an individual designated by the license holder who is employed in a supervisory capacity shall:

(i)  be certified by an approved alcohol awareness program; and

(ii)  except as provided in paragraph (2) of this subsection, be present on the licensed premises during the hours in which alcoholic beverages may be sold.

(2)  The license holder or individual specified in paragraph (1) of this subsection may be absent from the licensed premises for a personal or business reason or an emergency if the absence lasts for not more than 2 hours.

(3)  The Board shall require the license holder to keep a log book on the licensed premises that documents each temporary absence, the length of time of the absence, and the reason for the absence, in the form that the Board requires.

(b)  Penalty. --  A license holder who violates this section is subject to:

(1)  for a first offense, a $ 100 fine; and

(2)  for each subsequent offense, a fine not exceeding $ 500 or a suspension or revocation of the license or both.

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