Water and Wastewater Services - How-To Connect to Water or Sewer

 Instructions for connection to water and/or sewer system

  1. Fill out and return the application for water and/or sewer connection and a Plumber’s Permit along with the application fee of $50.00. Each connection requires an application and fee. No work can begin on your connection until these have been received.

  2. Contact the office (410-778-3287) to schedule a site visit, a minimum of 48-hour notice is required for all scheduling. The site visit will determine the need for any state or county road permits, help to determine the location of the water and/or sewer lateral connection to the water and/or sewer main as well as determine what materials need to be ordered for completion of your connection.

    A. The County is responsible for ordering the water meter, grinder pump pit, control panel, cable, and grinder pump if needed.

    B. The property owner is responsible for ordering all pipes, fittings, valves, water meter pit, and other items necessary for connection.

  3. Contact Miss Utility (800-441-8355) at least 48 hours in advance of any digging and abide by all marks made by Miss Utility.

  4. Contact the office (410-778-3287) at least 48 hours in advance of digging to schedule the inspection of the water and/or sewer lateral and connections at the water and/or sewer main and the home. Inspections are not done on Monday or Friday.

    Do not cover the lateral line or any connection prior to the inspection. The trenches for any structure, whose building permits require the inspection of water and/or sewer lines, shall remain open until the inspection is completed. If a trench is filled in, we will require that the trench be excavated prior to the inspection.

  5. Inspection of the grinder pump control panel installation must be scheduled 48 hours in advance; the person making the connection should be on site for the inspection.

  6. Upon completion of the inspection the water meter and/or grinder pump can be installed by this department. A minimum of 48-hour notice is required for installation. Water meter installations require someone over the age of 18 be onsite. Grinder pump installations cannot be completed until there is electricity and running water to the site.

  7. Until all necessary paperwork, including application for connection, and plumbers permit or homeowners release agreement, have been received in this office no materials for connection to the water and/or sewer system will be ordered. No connection will be permitted without all necessary paperwork being filed first. Failure to follow these instructions or failure to follow instructions in any permit received will result in the delay of your connection.

  8. Please be advised that as the owner of the property you are responsible for ensuring that all necessary steps are followed. It is your responsibility to make sure that all forms are filled out and returned, and that all necessary fees are paid prior to making your connection. As the owner, you are also responsible for the installation of any water or sewer appurtenances necessary for service to the property. You shall guarantee the construction for a period of two (2) years from final acceptance by this department.

  9. Should you have any questions regarding this process, or any of the documents enclosed, please call this office at 410-778-3287 or email watergenmb@kentgov.org.

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