Cemeteries in or near Millington

  Asbury Cemetery -A large cemetery located on the south side of Route 291 in Millington. It is opposite Robvanary Park and about .3 mile west of town center.

Chesterville Cemetery -This cemetery is near the center of Chesterville on the north side of Chesterville Bridge Road. To reach Chesterville, go east on Route 291 from Chestertown and turn left at the intersection of Routes 291 and 290.

John Wesley United Methodist Church -A small cemetery located behind the John Wesley Chapel on the north side of Route 291 as you leave Millington headed east.

Joshua Chapel Cemetery -A small, secluded cemetery in Morgnec. To reach it, go east on Route 291 and bear right on Morgnec Road about 1.5 miles beyond the Morgan Creek Bridge. Follow Morgnec road to its intersection with Morgnec Church Road and turn right.