Cemeteries in or near Worton

Christ Church I. U. - An old burial ground, this cemetery surrounds Christ Church I.U., founded in 1796. The present church building was consecrated in 1861. The church and its cemetery are located west of Route 298, opposite the Kent County High School and just north of the intersection of Routes 298 and 297.
Cecil Burial Ground -The Cecil Burial Ground Handbook, available in the Kent County Public Library, contains a wealth of detail about this cemetery. It was established in 1696, and is currently under the care of the Chester River Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. It is located near Lynch, .3 mile west of the intersection of Routes 298 and 561.
Mt. Olive AME Church - Mt Olive Church and its associated cemetery are located adjacent to Route 298 on the southern edge of Butlertown. The cemetery is small and relatively modern.
St. James United Methodist Church - Built on land given to its congregation by St. Paul's, Kent, St. James lies about 3 miles from Worton proper. To reach it, turn left off Route 298 onto St. James-Newtown Road and proceed .3 mile. The church is on the right at the corner of St. James and St. James-Newtown Roads.

Union M.E. Cemetery -
Union Church, built in 1834, once stood at the center of this cemetery. The building is gone, but the cemetery remains. The cemetery is accessible from the lane which extends from Route 298 to Christ Church I.U.