Kent County, Local Licensing Authority

Alcoholic Beverage License

Guide to a License Modification Request



This guide is provided for reference only.  It is at the discretion of the Board of License Commissioners and its designated staff to determine if additional documentation or explanation is required. 

The Board of License Commissioners follows the Annotated Code of Maryland, Alcoholic Beverages - Division 1: General Provisions, and Division II: Provisions Affecting Individual Jurisdictions.  Licenses shall be applied for and issued to, as individuals:  the partners, officers, or authorized individuals of a business entity, as applicable, and at least one applicant shall meet the requirements to be considered as a qualifier on the alcoholic beverage license. 

What is a Kent County Qualifier?

A (the) Kent County Qualifier(s) must be a resident of Kent County at the time of the filing of the application and remain a resident for the duration of the time the license is in effect. Legal documentation is required that demonstrates the Qualifier(s) financial interest in the business entity. The term financial interest encompasses a broad variety of interests such as ownership or stock interest in the business entity. 

Companion Application for Tasting, Caterer's Privilege, Corkage Privilege

 Page 1

  • Fill in all fields and provide the required information for (each) applicant(s).

Physical Changes to the Premise

Any change to the premise such as an additional bar for the serving of alcoholic beverages, either permanent or temporary, requires permission by the Board of License Commissioners.  The request must be made in writing and include a drawing of the proposed change. 

Changes in Officers for Class A, Class B, and Class D

Pages 1

  • Fill in all fields and provide the required information for (each) applicant(s).
  • Answer all questions and a written request and the required legal document.

Pages 2 and 3

  • Each New Applicant must fill out a New Applicant Page.
  • Signature(s) must be notarized.

Pages 4 and 5

  • Each New Applicant(s) must complete the LiveScan Pre-Registration Application. Applicants will be notified when fingerprinting can be scheduled. 
  • $50.00 Fingerprinting Fee per applicant, check or money order payable to the County Commissioners of Kent County.

Changes in Club Officers for Class C

Please contact the Inspector within thirty (30) days of the installation of new officers or any other personnel changes.