Purchase of Development Rights Program

Help preserve Kent County's agricultural land

The hallmarks of Kent County are the Chesapeake Bay, its tributaries, valuable soils, rich marshlands and a landscape teeming with wildlife. These agriculturally related resources comprise the foundation from which the county's heritage and culture have emerged. Today agriculture remains ingrained within Kent County's economy and character, warranting protection and preservation.

The preservation of agricultural land within the county will help to ensure the economic viability of agriculture within the county. Preserving agricultural land will also help provide stewardship of the land while helping to preserve the county's rural character.

The valuable agricultural resources within the county that are such a gift of immeasurable value are located within one of the most agriculturally threatened regions in the United States.

How your contributions can preserverKent County's valuable agricultural reseources

Your contribution will help to fund the purchase of conservation easements that will assist in the preservation of a critical mass of agricultural land that is so valuable to all of us. The County has created a check-off box that allows voluntary contributions which will be used solely to purchase agricultural easements within Kent County. Your contribution will also enable Kent County to retain additional funding through state and federal programs for agricultural preservation. Your contribution today can help to preserve the agricultural heritage of yesterday while preserving agricultural lands for tomorrow.

How to make your contribution to preserve Kent County's agricultural land and character

Your gracious tax deductible contribution should be made payable to the Kent County Treasurer's Office. Your tax deductible contribution is applicable to all federal and state regulations. For more information on preserving Kent County's agricultural land or the check-off box program contact: