Cruising Kent County





Welcome To Kent County where land and water meet on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Kent County abounds in natural pleasures.

Up until the 1930's, the waterways were plied by steamboats taking vacationers to bayside resorts and providing the main transportation for goods and people between Baltimore and Kent County.

Today, the Chesapeake Bay, the Chester and Sassafras Rivers and numerous creeks provide ideal opportunities for fishing, crabbing, sailing, power boating and water sports.

Throughout Kent's cruising grounds, you'll find public landings, lodgings, restaurants, and resorts, as well as many marinas, offering everything from basic slips to full service facilities. Permits are required for trailers at public landings.






Betterton Beach

At the mouth of the Sassafras is Betterton, the site of a once prosperous Victorian summer resort known as the "Jewel of the Chesapeake". The steamboat era was responsible for the flourishing community that existed here at the turn of the century. The town was able to support 13 hotels and many boarding houses during the summer months. it is now known mainly for its beautiful public beach, free of sea nettles because of the influx of fresh water from the five rivers at the head of the Bay. Rounding Howell Point, west of Betterton, you may encounter many small craft manned by campers from the side-by-side summer camps,.Echo Hill and Tockwogh.

Thousands of youngsters come each year to enjoy the Bay and learn about its ecosystem.