Kent County Library Board of Trustees

(Term 5 years - 7 members)

Chris Walmsley, Office Manager John (Jay) Silcox, 12/31/24
Elisabeth Tully, President, 12/31/21 Judi O'Brien, 12/31/23
Erin Counihan, 12/31/25 Valerie S. Overton, Vice President, 12/31/22
Alan Austen, 12/31/24 Bronwyn Jones, Secretary, 12/31/22

Date indicates expiration of term.

See Education Article 23-403 - 23-405 of the Annotated Code of MD- Board of Library Trustees

Visit for see Board of Trustees meeting dates, documents, and bylaws. 

These meetings will take place at 5:00 PM call 410-778-3636