Kent County Bay Bridge Monitoring Committee

(3 year terms)


Ralph Dolinger, 12/31/24  Thomas J. Tontarski, 12/30/25
William S. Sutton, 12/31/23                                      
  William Mackey, Director,
Planning, Housing, and Zoning



Committee Charge

Purpose and Duties

The purpose of the Kent County Bay Bridge Monitoring Committee is to observe and report on the Chesapeake Bay Crossing Alternatives analysis being conducted at the State level. The Committee is to observe proposed legislation relating to the Bay Crossing, monitor the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) study, and be aware of and attend meetings that are related to the Bay Crossing Study. The Committee shall report findings to the Kent County Commissioners on an as-needed basis, or at a minimum, once every six months. It is not the task of this group to assess or make judgements about the courses of action being considered, but simply and solely to carefully track, record, and report on the study, legislation, or other affiliated aspects of this process and study.

The Committee shall keep a record of all correspondence which shall become a part of the permanent file. The Committee shall release an agenda prior to a meeting and shall keep minutes of all meetings. Agendas and minutes shall be posted on the County website.


The Committee shall have a membership of 5 persons with each member’s appointment for a three-year term. The members of the Bay Bridge Monitoring Committee shall be under the direction of the Board of County Commissioners and shall be subject to removal and (re)appointment by the County Commissioners.