Kent County Bay Bridge Monitoring Committee

( 3 year terms)

Ralph Dolinger 3/31/2019 Gary F. DiVito 11/30/2020
William S. Sutton 7/31/2020                                     Bronwyn T. Fry 8/1/2019
MichaeL C. Waal 10/31/2019  Amy Moredock, Director, Planning, Housing and Zoning



Committee Charge

Purpose and Duties

This watch-dog group's mission will be to monitor the State's planning process in a continuous and thorough manner. The Committee will keep a road map of the planning process and will call on, and become familiar with, the key individuals, offices and departments involved in the process. It is not the task of this group to evaluate or make judgments about the courses of action being considered but simply and solely to carefully track, record and report on the planning process.

The Committee will keep a historical record of every phone call, every visit, every letter, fax, E-mail, and meeting. The purpose of keeping a complete, permanent record is to document the details of the planning process in the event it becomes necessary to challenge the validity of the plan.

At least every six months the Committee will report in writing to the Commissioners.


The Committee shall have a membership of 9 persons as follows:

At Large Representative 7
Incorporated Town Representative 1
Planning Commission/Office Representative 1

The term of each member shall be three years or until his/her successor is appointed and shall be appointed on a staggered basis. For the original appointment, some members will be appointed for one year, some for two years, and some three years. All persons appointed must be residents of Kent County. All Committee members may be reappointed to the Board after serving their term.

The members of the Bay Bridge Monitoring Committee shall be under the direction of the Board of County Commissioners and shall be subject to removal by the County Commissioners.