Kent County Local Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council

 Statutory Members

William Webb  Health Officer for Kent County
Commissioner John Price County Commissioner of Kent County
Director Shelly Neall-Edwards Director, Kent County Dept. of Social Services

Regional Director Jennifer Wimbrow-Jenkins
Designee - Lauren Searce

Department of Juvenile Services

Field Supervisor Danielle Callahan
Designee – Field Supervisor Tyler Brown

Department of Parole and Probation
Bryan P. DeGregory State’s Attorney for Kent County
District Public Defender Tamara Stofa Office of the Public Defender
Sheriff Dennis Hickman Sheriff of Kent County
President Joseph W. Goetz
Designee - Vandrick Hamlin
Kent County Board of Education member
Hon. Harris Murphy Circuit Court for Kent County Judge
Hon. John Nunn District Court for Kent County Judge

Appointed Members

TBD, 1/1/2025  Recipient of Addiction Treatment Services
TBD, 1/1/2026 Substance Use Disorder Treatment Provider
TBD, 1/1/2027 Substance Use Disorder Treatment Provider

TBD, 1/1/2028

Substance Use Prevention Provider
TBD, 1/1/2025

Individual who is knowledgeable and active
on substance use in Kent County

TBD, 1/1/2026 Warden, Kent County Detention Center
TBD, 1/1/2027 Individual who is knowledgeable about SUD treatment including member of civic organization, a health care professional organization or a clergy member.

Date indicates expiration of term.

Contact Us:
Kent County Department of Health: Jennifer McCready
Office Telephone: (410)778-6404, ext. 3402