Kent County Local Emergency Planning Committee

(Indefinite Term - Unlimited # of Members)


Vacant, Emergency Planner Ronald H. Fithian, Kent County Commissioner
Wayne Darrell, Director Office of Emergency Services Albert H. Nickerson, Kent County Commissioner
James B. Russum, Chief of Communications John F. Price, Kent County Commissioner
David Rice, EMS Captain Richard Buddon, RACES/ARES
Michael Boldosser, Shore Regional Health Systems VACANT, Kent County Chief's Association
Chris Bove, Human Resources William Hildebrand, MEMA
Sheriff Dennis Hickman, Kent County Sheriff's Office John Barto, MIEMSS - Region IV
Robert Jackson, Heron Point Bill Webb, Kent County Health Department
J. Nutley, Shore Regional Health Systems - Chestertown Chad Clark, Chief's Association
Jerry Roderick, Washington College Dawn Hofstetter, LaMotte Chemical
Shelley L. Heller, Kent County Administrator Kathy Hastings, EMS Council
Darlene Spurrier, Kent County Public Schools Chief Steve Moore, Rock Hall Police Department
Kathryn Folkins, American Red Cross Kathy Nolan, Child Services
Linda Wilson, Kent County Health Department Sgt. Wayne Santmyer, MSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
William Mackey, Planning, Housing, and Zoning Mike Polinski, MDE Commercial Vehicle Inspection
Lulu Hurtt, Heron Point Patricia Williams, MDE - CRTK
Jane Welsh, Kent County Humane Society Geoff Donahue, MDE - Emergency Response
Chief Andrian Baker, Chestertown Police Department Steve O'Melia, Detention Center
VACANT, Kent County Water and Wastewater  Jill Coleman, Director, Parks and Recreation
VACANT, Department of Social Services
Dr. Leland Spencer, Kent County Health Department