Kent County Local Emergency Planning Committee

(Indefinite Term - Unlimited # of Members)


Brian Pearsall, Emergency Planner Ron Dixon, Chief, Chestertown Police Department
Pete Landon, Director of Emergency Services Michael Copeland, Shore Regional Health Systems
James B. Russum, Chief of Communications Bobbie Jo Trossbach, Shore Regional Health Systems
Logan Quinn, Chief of Emergency Medical Services Lisa Marx, Washington College
Dennis Hickman, Sheriff, Kent County Sheriff's Office Carles Rothera, American Red Cross
Harry Kettner, Captain, Kent County Sheriff's Office Rita Gregorits, American Red Cross
Herb Dennis, Warden, Kent County Detention Center Kim Nicholson, Dixon Valve
Vandrick Hamlin, Kent County Public Schools Jason Lobely, EMS Council
Daniel Mattson, Kent County Public Works Lynn Sutton, Emergency Services Board
Tyler Arnold, Kent County Planning and Zoning Steve Snow, LaMotte Chemical
Andy Glenn, Kent County Health Department