Kent County Agriculture Advisory Commission

(Term 3 years - 7 members)

Sean Jones, 12/31/24 Herman E. Hill, 12/30/25
John Cahall, 12/30/25
Valerie W. Mason, 12/31/23
Catherine Abramavage, 12/31/23 Jeff Pettitt, 12/30/25
Jennifer Debnam, 12/31/24 Richard Winters, 12/31/23
John Henry Myers, Jr., 12/31/24  

Date indicates expiration of term.




 County Commissioners' Hearing Room



May 11, 2022

6:00 p.m.


Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings in person or listen to the meeting via the audio-only phone number and conference identification number listed below.

  1. Dial 1-872-239-8359
  2. Enter Conference ID: 371 717 982#

Members of the public are asked to mute their phones/devices, until the Commission Chair opens the floor for comment.



January 25, 2022



Zoning Text Amendment to amend Article VII, Special Exceptions, Section 7, Special Exceptions, §57.25, Solar energy systems, utility scale, on farms in AZD and RCD, sub-section j., in order to clarify language that relates to the area of permitted solar arrays and referred to as “area of use” and to clarify the limitations set forth for adjacent properties.


General Discussion

Update on Comprehensive Rezoning Update process




Posted Online: May 5, 2022


The Agriculture Advisory Commission meets as needed. 

Agendas will be posted as meetings are scheduled.


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January 25

May 11 - DRAFT


January 13

September 14


New minutes will be posted as they are approved.

Archived minutes will be posted as time allows.


Chapter 172, Agriculture Advisory Commission

This Commission was created under Code Home Rule Bill No. 6-80, as amended.

[Amended 6-15-2021 by Bill No. 8-2021]
A. The Board of County Commissioners of Kent County shall appoint a commission of at least seven and no more than nine members, which shall be known as the "Kent County Agriculture Advisory Commission" and which may consist of representatives from various types of farms (farming sectors) and farm-supportive businesses of Kent County. All persons appointed must be residents of Kent County and must be engaged in an agriculture pursuit in a business that supports farms, farming, or the agricultural sector in general, at the discretion of the Board.
[Amended 9-7-2021 by Bill No. 9-2021]
B. If any vacancy occurs for any cause during the term of any Commission member, the Board of County Commissioners, with regard to those persons in agriculture, may fill the vacancy. The Board of County Commissioners shall have full power to remove any member of the Commission for incompetency or for improper conduct or for an inexcusable nonattendance of meetings by satisfactory evidence being presented to it of such condition. The term of each member shall be three years, or until a successor takes office, with some members being appointed for one year, some two years and some three years, as needed for staggering.
C. For the purposes of this chapter, "engaged" shall mean pursuing the production of agricultural products for profit, including but not limited to those who are lessors or lessees of land which is in agricultural production.
A. The Commission shall elect a Chairman from one (1) of its members and create and fill such other offices as it may determine. The term of the chairman shall be one (1) year with eligibility for reelection.
B. The Commission shall adopt rules for the transaction of business and shall keep records of its resolutions, transactions, findings and determinations. Each record shall be a public record. The Board of County Commissioners shall determine from year to year what, if any, expenses and/or salaries shall be paid the Commission members, and what, if any, budget shall be set. [Amended 6-15-2021 by Bill No. 8-2021]
A. It shall be the function of the Commission to provide advice to the Planning Commission of Kent County and to the Board of County Commissioners concerning any proposals and zoning changes coming before them affecting agriculture in Kent County. In this regard, the Planning Department shall notify the Commission of all such proposals, plans and changes, except those applications for permitted uses, within approximately 15 days of receipt of requests and applications. The Commission shall render its advice in writing to the appropriate body within a reasonable time frame. [Amended 6-15-2021 by Bill No. 8-2021]
B.Additionally, the Commission shall recommend proposed changes or programs for improving the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Ordinance for Kent County, the Subdivision Ordinance for Kent County, zoning district changes and any other changes and programs which will improve and promote agriculture in Kent County. All such recommendations shall be made in writing to the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners.
[Amended 6-15-2021 by Bill No. 8-2021]
The Commission shall prepare, adopt and file a report with the Board of County Commissioners when requested. The report shall be available for public inspection. The Commission shall be subject to review by the Board of County Commissioners and the decisions of the Commission shall be subject to review by the Board of County Commissioners, which shall be the final authority.
[Amended 6-15-2021 by Bill No. 8-2021]
A majority of all the members appointed to the commission shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting of the commission. If any members recuse themselves for specific items and/or votes, the remaining members shall be considered a valid quorum for the purposes of conducting business on said items and/or votes. In the event that only one member is available to vote on an item, this can be considered a valid vote by the Commission, as long as a quorum of members are present at the meeting. The Commission shall only meet as needed.

$30.00 per meeting to be paid to Chairperson and $25.00 per meeting for members.