Kent County Public Landings and Facilities Board



(Term 5 years - 5 members)

Rick Morlock, 11/01/27 James Reihl, 06/30/25
Dan Mattson, Director, Public Works C. Clay Larrimore,  06/30/26
Marc Castelli, 06/30/24 Harry "Chuckie" White, 06/30/27
Ronald Fithian, Commissioner Liaison  

Date indicates expiration of term.





Created under Code Home Rule Bill #4-80.

Board will meet quarterly. Contact Public Works at 410-778-2600 for more information.
Effective July 22, 1980, Chairman will be paid $30.00 per meeting; members - $25.00 per meeting.

68-3 Public Landings and Facilities Board

  • The County Commissioners of Kent County may establish a Public Landings and Facilities Board with the powers and duties as hereinafter specified.
  • The Board shall consist of five (5) members who shall be appointed by the County Commissioners to serve for terms of one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4) and five (5) years on the original appointment and, for each subsequent appointment, for a five-year term or until their successors are appointed and have their positions. A member of the Board of County Commissioners of Kent County shall be an ex officio member of the Board. From time to time the members of the Board shall select their Chairperson. Vacancies among the appointed members shall be filled by the County Commissioners for the unexpired term upon recommendations from the Board as to such vacancy. All appointees shall be residents, property owners or registered voters of Kent County.
  • The members of the Board shall receive compensation as designated by the County Commissioners. The Board of County Commissioners shall pay the proper and necessary expenses of the Board.
  • A quorum of the Board shall be any three (3) members thereof. No action may be taken and no resolution may be adopted under this section without the affirmative vote of at least three (3) members of the Board.
  • The Board shall have the duty of regulating public landings, docks, public and private moorings, public piers, bulkheads, dredging, ramps and derelict boats and recommending rules and regulations.
  • The Board shall submit to the County Commissioners an annual report of its activities, together with recommendations for further needs and development of the county public landings and facilities program. It shall also submit an annual budget, pursuant to the requirements of law, itemizing the appropriations necessary for the performance of its functions and duties.