Kent County Tourism Development Advisory Board

(Term 3 years - 7 members)

Sandy Scott 04/30/19
Casey Carroll 11/30/20
Shirley Loller 01/31/19
Nancy McGuire 01/15/19
Suzanne Einstein 05/01/19
Ingrid Hansen 05/31/21
Greg Waddell 11/30/20
Bernadette Bowman, Director
Date indicates expiration of term.

Code Home Bill #1-97

Chapter 22 - Local Laws
Advisory Board members shall serve for a term of three (3) years, which terms shall be staggered. No member may serve for more than two (2) successive full terms. (Filling a vacant position during the term shall not be construed as a full term.)

The initial appointments shall be for three (3) persons to serve a one (1) year term, two (2) persons to serve a two (2) year term and two (2) persons to serve a three (3) year term.

The Tourism Development Advisory Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the 2nd floor conference room, County Government Center.

§ 22-2. Powers and duties of Director

The Director shall have the following powers and duties:

A. To work with the Tourism Development Advisory Board.

B. To adopt a progressive program to promote the tourism in the county.

C. To gather, maintain and disseminate information relative to marketing programs and advertising programs and coordinating the same with state and private promotions.

D. To gather and disseminate information concerning the historical and cultural aspects of the county.

E. To act as the County's official liaison agent at state and regional agency meetings.

F. To enlist the cooperation of federal and state agencies in promoting tourism in the county.

G. To confer with and inform the County Commissioners and the Tourism Development Advisory Board and municipal governing bodies on all matters relative to tourism in the county.

H. To periodically survey the overall status of the county and municipalities to determine if the county and municipalities furnish such services and facilities that are conducive to the expansion of tourism in the county.

I. To render annually a brief summary of activities to the County Commissioners.