Kent County Planning Commission

(Term 5 years - 7 members)

P. Thomas Mason, Commissioner Liaison Ray Strong 12/31/26
F. Joseph Hickman (Chair) 12/31/26 William S. Sutton 12/31/23
James Saunders 12/31/23 Paul J. Ruge, Jr. 12/31/26
Paula Reeder 12/31/24 Bill Mackey, Director of Planning and Zoning
  Cynthia McCann, Attorney
Date indicates expiration of term.


General Information

What Does It Do?

The Planning Commission, appointed by the County Commissioners of Kent County, acts as a citizen board for all planning matters. It reviews and approves all major subdivisions and site plans. It makes recommendations to the Board of Zoning Appeals regarding variances and special exceptions. As set forth in the Land Use Article of the Annoted Code of Maryland, the Commission makes recommendations to the County Commissioners on zoning map and zoning text amendments. The Commission may also prepare ordinances and plans for review by the County Commissioners.

Prior to each meeting, the planning staff visits each site and prepares for the commission members a memo on each project which describes the project, the applicable law, applicable sections of the comprehensive plan, relevant issues and comments from the Technical Advisory Committee. It provides a recommendation to the commission on all projects.

When and Where Does it Meet?

The Planning Commission meets the first Thursday of every month at 1:30 PM in the County Commissioners' Hearing Room at 400 High Street in Chestertown. The meetings are open to the public. 




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County Commissioners' Hearing Room

400 High Street, Chestertown



December 1, 2022

1:30 p.m.

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings in person or via conference call. Please note that the County’s live stream video is temporarily unavailable.

Public participation and audio-only call-in number:


  1. Dial 1-872-239-8359
  2. Enter Conference ID: 202 737 959#

Members of the public are asked to mute their phones/devices, until the Commission Chair opens the floor for comment.



November 3, 2022



22-89      Town of Millington -- Annexation 

                Map 400, Parcel 258 near Millington -- First Election District -- Village (V)

PC Recommendation to County Commissioners







Meetings are conducted in Open Session unless otherwise indicated.  All or part of the Planning Commission meetings can be held in closed session under the authority of the MD Open Meetings Law by vote of the members.  Breaks are at the call of the Chairman.  Meetings are subject to audio and video recordings.

All applications will be given the time necessary to assure full public participation and a fair and complete review of all projects.  Agenda items are subject to change due to cancellations.  


Posted Online: November 23, 2022



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For minutes prior to 2017, please call or email the 

Department of Planning, Housing & Zoning during regular business hours.


Originally established 01/24/64 - Article 66B, Section 3.02 of the Annotated Code of Maryland

Meets first Thursday of each month at 1:30 p.m. in the County Commissioners'
Hearing Room. $1,200 Chairman; $1,000 Members.


§ 199-2. Composition. [Amended 5-7-1991 by Bill No. 2-91]

The Planning Commission shall consist of seven (7) members as follows:

A. A County Commissioner of Kent County may be appointed by the County Commissioners to serve as an ex officio members. The ex officio member shall vote only in the case of a tie by the six (6) other members.

B. In the event that the Kent County Commissioners appoint a seventh member to serve on the Planning Commission in lieu of a County Commissioner, said member shall be selected on the basis of qualifications and experience, have an unrestricted vote and shall serve no longer than the term of the County Commissioners making the appointment.

C. Six (6) other members shall be appointed by the Kent County Commissioners and shall be selected on the basis of their qualifications and experience.

§ 199-3. Terms

A. The term of office for each of the seven (7) members so appointed shall be five (5) years, or until a successor is appointed and takes office.

B. The ex officio member shall serve for the term of the office to which he was elected, unless replaced by another Commissioner to serve for a part of the term.