Kent County Board of Building Appeals

(Term 3 years - 3 members)

Date indicates expiration of term.

Code Home Rule Bill No. 2-90

Chapter 73, Section 12 Board of Building Appeals

a. Membership of Board
The Board of Building Appeals, hereinafter referred to as "The Board of Appeals", shall consist of three (3) members appointed by the County Commissioners of Kent County: one (1) member to be appointed for three (3) years, one (1) member for two (2) years, and one (1) member for one (1) year and thereafter each new member shall be appointed for three (3) years or until his/her successor has been appointed. An alternate shall be appointed to serve in the absence of a regular member.

b. Qualifications of Board Members
At least one (1) of the three (3) members of the Board of Appeals shall be a licensed Architect or Professional Engineer, Construction Superintendent or General Contractor with at least ten (10) years experience.

c. Adjourned Meeting
When three (3) members are not present to consider a specific appeal, the hearing shall be postponed if requested by either the appellant, the Code Administrator or their representative(s).

d. Action of the Board
The Board shall affirm, modify or reverse the decision of the Code Administrator by concurring vote of at least two (2) members of the Board.

e. Determining Vote
Failure to secure a majority vote of the Board in support of the appellant shall be confirmation of the Code Administrator's decision.

f. Court Review
An appeal to the Circuit Court for Kent County from a decision of the Board may be filed in the manner as set forth in Chapter 1100 of the Maryland Rules.