Kent County Board of Electrical Examiners

(Term 3 years - 3 members)

D. Michael Usilton 12/1/18 William S. Baldwin, Jr. 12/1/18
Charles Langenfelder, Chair 1/12/19  
Date indicates expiration of term.

Emergency Code Home Rule Bill # 7-92 - Adopted January 5, 1993.

Article III Housing Standards

Section 192.32 The Board of County Commissioners of Kent County shall appoint a Board, which Board shall be known as the Board of Electrical Examiners of Kent County, and which shall consist of three (3) residents of Kent County, for the purpose of examining the qualifications and capabilities of all persons who are engaged, or desire to engage in the business of Master Electricians as herein defined. The Board so appointed shall consist of at least two (2) Master Electricians and one other person. The initial appointment shall be one (1) master electrician for one (1) year; one other person for two (2) years and one master electrician for three (3) years. Thereafter, all appointments shall be for three (3) year terms. If any vacancy occurs for any cause during the term of any Board member as herein provided for, the Board of County Commissioners shall fill the vacancy. The Board of County Commissioners shall have full power to remove any member of the Board of Electrical Examiners for incompetency or improper conduct.

(a) Each member of said Board shall receive such compensation for actual service in attending the meetings of the Board as may, from time to time, be determined by resolution of the County Commissioners.

(b) Said Board shall meet at least once each month, shall hold such special meetings as the proper and efficient discharge of its business shall require; and said Board shall adopt such rules and regulations for the examination of Master Electricians as herein defined. The term "Master Electrician" as used herein shall be defined as and shall include any and all persons engaged in the business of, or installing, erecting or repairing, or contracting to install, erect or repair electric wires or conductors, to be used for the transmission of electrical current for electric light, heat or power purposes, or moldings, ducts, raceways or conduits for the reception or protection of such wires or conductors or to any electrical machinery, apparatus device or fixture to be used for electric light, heat or power purposes.

$30.00 Chairperson; $25.00 Member per each meeting.

* Must consist of two (2) Master Electricians.